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We are former partners of a large, national law firm with 25 years of combined experience practicing law.  We formed an estate planning practice to help you protect your family and preserve your assets. Estate planning and related litigation is our focus. Making you comfortable navigating life’s important decisions is our goal.

We provide many estate planning services, from drafting Wills, Trusts, Healthcare Directives, and Powers of Attorney, to assisting with probate in Missouri and Kansas courts.  We also handle litigation relating to invalid wills (possibly because of fraud, undue influence, or coercion) and breach of fiduciary duty claims relating to mismanagement of trust funds.

Are you a parent to young children who needs to designate guardians, a person who recently cared for an aging parent and in need of your own estate plan or Powers of Attorney, or someone who is charged with administering the estate of a person who has passed? We can help you and welcome the opportunity to work together to solve your legal needs.


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We are Emily and Kristi—estate planning and litigation attorneys serving the Greater Kansas City Area. 

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With a primary office conveniently located near the Plaza in Kansas City, we offer free consultations to help you address the legal issue you are facing.

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